Jonathan King Limited

Jonathan King Ltd is particularly concerned about maintaining and enhancing the dignity of every man and woman (particularly Nigerians) whenever they have to enter other countries of the world. This could only be achieved by respecting the laws, rules and regulations of other countries absolutely. We are set to guide you through all these.

Travel Consultancy

Advising clients on suitable options for domestic or international destinations, tours, accommodation, transport, insurance and fares

Permanent Residents

We help you to legally travel, study, work, live and even become a citizen of another country of your choice without having to loose your natural citizenship

University Admission

You can apply for any of our partner Universities or colleges abroad, JonathanKing Ltd. has a number of world best educational institutions for you to choose from.

Leisure Travel

We will provide you with counsel, guidance, representation, and processing for various vacation destinations in the world.

Educational Immigration

We process educational immigration programs for Nigerians who want to legitimately study and relocate to UK, USA, Canada and the likes

Visa Assist

We provide counsel, guidance, representation, and processing for several categories of visa to Canada, UK, USA, Australia and a host of other countries

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