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Jonathan King Ltd is particularly concerned about maintaining and enhancing the dignity of every man and woman (particularly Nigerians) whenever they have to enter other countries of the world. This could only be achieved by respecting the laws, rules and regulations of other countries absolutely. We are set to guide you through all these.

Permanent Residents

Think of a choice country anywhere in the world: US, UK,  Canada, France, Germany etc. We can assist you to live and work permanently there.

Travel Consultancy

Do you know you can legally travel, study, work, live and even become a citizen of another country of your choice without having to loose your natural citizenship?

Educational Immigrants

We process educational immigration programs for Nigerians who want to legitimately study and relocate to UK, USA, Canada and the likes

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Our Mission

Jonathan king Ltd is a firm of Immigrations and Travel Consultancy Services. The main duties of the company are to, advice, assist, inform and guide prospective immigrants to find and use current and correct information concerning legal immigration to all countries of the world.

The company also strives to identify the travels and immigration needs of each individual with a view to giving; fulfillment dignity and comfort.

The aim is to use our network to always seek for and gather the right information to eliminate ignorance and make available latest information on rules and regulations of every country; on immigration, such that no one will suffer any indignity, persecution, hate, unnecessary discrimination or even death which could result from illegal immigration.
The Applied Sustainable Ranching Program is the first of its kind in British Columbia. During this program, students will gain the expertise to build and sustain ranching enterprises and apply that knowledge to agricultural businesses in any region of the world.

By the end of the program, students will have gained an understanding of ecosystem management in the forest and grassland areas.

This program will give graduates the tool kit for building and managing diversified, resilient ranching operations in Nigeria and around the world, as well as the experitse to apply to any agriculture enterprise in any region.

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You can apply for any of our partner Universities or colleges abroad, JonathanKing Ltd. has a number of world best educational institutions for you to choose from, contact our consultancy department for counseling, list of schools and how to apply.

Educational Immigrant?

Thompson Rivers University is a comprehensive Canadian university offering Masters and Bachelor degrees as well as college, technology and trades, distance education, and
English language programs

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